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Get Carbon Fit!

With Carbon Fitness you can change your life. We don't just offer training, we offer a lifestyle to allow you to go beyond your goals. Working with you to change your mind and body to allow you to achieve the body or goal of your dreams. We have worked with hundreds of people and helped them achieve things they never thought they were capable of. From weight loss to mass gain, from aesthetics to running marathons. If you have a goal, we will help you reach it.

We are proud to have launched our massive online personal training studio - Carbon Evolution! Pick the package that best suits you, then head to the virtual studio and get started on your fitness journey.


"Carbon fitness isn't just about personal training. It's about changing peoples lives and allowing them to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. I started this company from a love of helping people achieve their goals and to allow me to have a positive impact on peoples everyday life and that's exactly what we do." - Carbon Fitness Owner, Matt South



Carbon fitness was set up with one goal in mind - impact as many lives as possible. I started as a personal trainer 9 years ago and have always loved being able to help people achieve their goals. 

I've spent 10 years working for other people in gyms, studios and bootcamps. In 2018 I decided enough was enough and I had to do it for myself. Fast forward a year and my team and I have worked with hundreds of people and continue to expand. 2019 sees the launch of Carbon Evolution which will allow us to impact more people all over the world and not just in sunny Cornwall.