Absolutely love training with Matt. Listens to what I want to get out of training and constantly pushes me out of my comfort zone to get fast effective results! He even adapted my training programme around a few little injuries so I didn't miss out on that fitness hit! Makes training enjoyable!!


I have been training with Matt since January 2017. He has given me confidence to step out of my comfort zone and push myself a little bit further each session which has made me achieve fitness goals I never imagined I could reach. Matt is really supportive, adapts workouts for each individual and makes sure we use the correct techniques to avoid injuries. Matt has also recently been supporting me with injury and has given great diet advice. Thank you Matt and keep up the good work!


Training with Matt is everything I need, he pushes me when I don't believe in myself but he also encourages me to rest and knowing when my body is telling me something! He is everything you need in a PT.

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